We are a leading exporters of chemicals, Headquartered in Vadodara, India. We are also present in E-commerce and Consulting services sector. VTAR has an advantage of having knowledge, experience and good relations across industries. Which helps us to connect with right people; making business easier, better and more profitable for all.


We wish to make a difference by establishing such management practices which will then considered as benchmark in industry.  Therefore by this our all business associates stay delighted and business stays healthy. Our core values will help us to achieve our goals and eventually we will be able to make a difference in the society.


We aim at being a facilitator to those businesses who wish to be into international market place. VTAR is clear in serving those who have ethics in practicing business. Due to this practice, it will be leading and enabling us in providing quality products and  with excellent service.


We are always committed by three key values: Truth, Transparency and  Trust.
As a result of these we are always able to delight our business associates.